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Why do we need a fibre rich diet for healthy hormones?

Fiber plays a very important role in our intestines to bind metabolized oestrogen ready for excretion. Without adequate fiber the oestrogen which should be excreted gets re- absorbed back into our system and fuels oestrogen dominance and unbalanced female hormone levels.

Currently the daily recommended fiber intake for a healthy adult should be 25-30g each day. How can you up your fiber intake each day?

1. Eat at least 7 servings of vegetables each day.

2. Include fiber rich seeds and nuts such as flaxseed, chia seed and raw nuts to your diet.

3. Opt for protein packed with fiber (animal protein completely lacks fiber) such as beans, legumes and pulses for at least one meal per day.

4. Enjoy low sugar fruits such as strawberries.

5. Whole grains (gluten free), but not grain flours.

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