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What underlying medical conditions or vitamin deficiencies could be causing my anxiety?

By Dr. Chantell Groenewald

M. Tech Hom UJ

Anxiety is a serious disorder affecting so many women today. Before diagnosing anxiety, you have to ensure you have eliminated other physical causes, medications or underlying diseases that may present as anxiety.

Some common underlying medical conditions, medications, substances and vitamin deficiencies that can cause anxiety include:

- Thyroid dysfunction (hyper or hypo-thyroidism)

- Glucose and Insulin abnormalities

- Vitamin B12 deficiency/overload

- Oestrogen dominance

- Menopause

- Environmental toxins

- Electrolyte imbalances

- OTC or prescription drugs

- Autoimmune diseases such as SLE

- Certain connective tissue disorders

- Stimulants such as caffeine and alcohol

- Food additives such as MSG

- Food allergies

Individuals who suffer with anxiety should visit their primary health care physician so that he/she can take a thorough case study and medical history as well as order the necessary tests to eliminate all possible underlying causes of anxiety and treat accordingly.

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