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A Healthy Life Is Within Reach

Meet Dr. Groenewald

The Female Health Homeopath

I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend. Most of all, I am a healer passionate about female health.

Before completing my masters in Homeopathy at the university of Johannesburg in 2012, I studied BSc Microbiology at the university of Bloemfontein. 


I have been in private practice since 2012 where I have honed my passion for female health,with a special interest in chronic female inflammatory diseases, mental health, weight management and infertility.


My Areas of Special Interest

Female Health, Hormone Testing and Infertility

Nutritional and Lifestyle Medicine

DNA Analysis and Genetic Testing

Weight Management and Tailored Eating Programmes

Chronic Stress,

Anxiety & Depressive Disorders

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

Dr Chantell Groenewald otherwise known as is an extremely caring, insightful, capable physician. You are treated as a respected individual in her care and she won't stop until she finds the solution for your condition. She is formidable and amazing!

- Marethe Grobler

DNA Analysis exceeded all my expectations!

I discovered a whole new way of taking care of my body. Dr. Chantell explained my analysis to me in perfect detail and gave me the best advice on how to maximise my body's potential.  

I would recommend it to anyone!

- Odette Alberts

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